Project Management Job Interview : Get that Project Management Job!

Project Management Job Interview : Get that Project Management Job!

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Project Management
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Get your next project management job sooner and for more money!
Know the answers that will get you hired!

  • How to get your next project management job
  • How to ace the job interview
  • How to use the job interview to secure the job

Just like in most work places, the interesting projects and the promotions do not necessarily go to those most qualified, the hiring process and the job interview as they are conducted today in too many job sites do not necessarily end with the hiring of the most qualified person but of the one that presents itself better. This book will help you excel at the job interview to maximize your chances of being hired.

During a job interview, candidates are subject to tremendous stress as they are judged on every phrase they say and how they say it. The job seeker not only has to answer specific questions but should also be displaying knowledge, experience and sought-after character traits. On top of that, he/she should be gathering information about the job and the company. The candidate that performs the best in this complex situation usually gets the job, and this book will help you perform in a stellar way.

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New 2012 Expanded Edition!

Includes: The role of the project manager * How to write an outstanding resume for project managers *  Behavioral interview questions * Project management questions and answers * Information technology project management questions and answers * Microsoft Project questions and answers * Easy to read guide to the PMBOK

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