Project Management Job Interview : On the Press

Project Management Job Interview : On the Press

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Project manager job interview questions - answers



Discover how you can quickly and easily interview like a
project manager pro
without costly trials and errors.

Introducing an amazing book that will give you the insider secrets to transform you from a job seeker to an employed project manager professional … overnight.

Most Project Managers job seekers can earn its way to the interviewee chair but they don’t keep their prospective employers on the edge of their seats learning from their every word. They don’t energize their interviewers and keep them wanting more. And they don’t leave them with a message that sticks.

How would you like to create a groundbreaking presentation of yourself?  One that makes them call you  back with a job offer?

That’s what your get with Get that Project Management! – Mastering the Job Interview ……  the best  job search help  available for Project managers!

This book helped one Project manager out of the job market for 5 years to get a job in a matter of days. Another reader attributed his $90,000 a year job  to reading this book. You can get the same level of resultus. So buy the book and watch yourself Owning the interview.

  “But, I don’t think I’m good enough”  

By understanding the hiring processes and knowing the right answers, you will surpass the job seekers around you. They’ll want to be as good as you will be!

“I consider myself a  novice and you made my understanding of project management jump ahead in one single weekend. Thank you!”  L.  Peterson.  Elk Grove, CA

  “But what if I’m an experienced project manager?”  

You too can benefit! As a project management professional, you will get the tools that will make you stand out from other experienced people. Now, more than ever, competition for jobs is fierce and jobs are scarce, you can’t let just work experience  get the job for you. You not only have to walk the walk but must also talk the talk.  Your experience plus what you get from this book, will help you get the job with a better compensation.  

 “I took a risk and postponed my job interview to read this book  and it paid off, big time. It massively increased my chances to get the job and I got the job. ….. Mind blowing!"  Esther,  Toronto, Canada

  Witness your transformation… overnight!  

You will see your own transformation from an unemployed, and/or weary of the future job seeker to a proud Project management profesional that is gainfully employed. This book will convert yourself into a powerful communicator with a powerhouse personal story.  Overnight.

It’s one thing to be a professional project manager  and it’s entirely another to be a great salesman of oneself. You will be that salesperson with this book.

  So many books out there… Why should I read this one?  

Some books are informational , some are educational, we have created one that is truly transformational. And we could do it because we focused in one single objective, we did not try to be the end all, be all of job searching but we  have concentrated in one goal:  How to win the Project Management Job Interview. And NOBODY can do better than we do it on this area.

“I  paid overnight delivery for this book  with hesitation. And after reading it just in time for my interview, I realized that it would have been stupid not to paid overnight for it ” J.  London,  New York, NY

 “I thought I was an experienced job seeker until reading this book. Now I know how much I didn’t know. Thank you! Invaluable!”   Jason. Phoenix AZ,

Over 50 Questions that you must know how to answer!

Order on line today from Amazon or get an e-book directly from the publisher Order on line today from Amazon or get an e-book directly from the publisher Order on line today from Amazon or get an e-book directly from the publisher
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New 2012 Expanded Edition!

Includes: The role of the project manager * How to write an outstanding resume for project managers *  Behavioral interview questions * Project management questions and answers * Information technology project management questions and answers * Microsoft Project questions and answers * Easy to read guide to the PMBOK

Now available on e-book format (PC, Mac, Ipad).   E-book

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