Project Management Job Interview : Table of contents

Project Management Job Interview : Table of contents

Multiple Editions
Project Management
Paper Back
e-book - PDF (PC,Ipad,Mac)
Blue Crystal Press

Table of Contents

Introduction - Job Interviews in the Marketplace

How to Use this Book

Part 1 - Job Interview Questions and Answers

Section 1 The Job Interview
Section 2 Generic Interview Q & A
Section 3 Project Management Interview Q & A
Section 4 Job Interviewer Guide

Part 2 - Project Management Theory

Section 1 Project Management in One Page (or Two)
Section 2 Project Management and its Context
Section 3 Project Management Areas of Knowledge
Section 4 Project Integration Management
Section 5 Project Scope Management
Section 6 Project Time Management
Section 7 Project Cost Management
Section 8 Project Quality Management
Section 9 Project Human Resource Management
Section 10 Project Communications Management
Section 11 Project Risk Management
Section 12 Procurement Management
2.0 desription

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New 2012 Expanded Edition!

Includes: The role of the project manager * How to write an outstanding resume for project managers *  Behavioral interview questions * Project management questions and answers * Information technology project management questions and answers * Microsoft Project questions and answers * Easy to read guide to the PMBOK

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