Project Management Job Interview : If you are still undecided

Project Management Job Interview : If you are still undecided

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Project Management
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Ten more reasons to buy this book

  1. Most project manager jobs pay per hour what you would expend in this book. If this book helps you get a job just one day earlier, you would have recovered your investment eight times over.
  2. Project management is about communications. By making you practice for the interview and making you "talk the talk", you will communicate more clearly and appear more confident during the job interview.
  3. Resumes are hardly seen anymore. Hiring managers relay more on the interview than ever before.
  4. Too many people go to a job interview with the only purpose of getting the job and by being pre-occupied with guessing the "right" answers, they don't ask questions. By knowing the right answers and having the interview under your control, you can concentrate in the very important aspect of finding out what kind of work is expecting you. You will be able to be more selective of you career choices.
  5. The only purpose of a resume is landing you an interview. It is at the job interview where you can get the job (or not!)
  6. The Project Management Theory needed to obtain a PMP certification will help you but in a job interview you will be asked situational questions that your preparation for the PMP did not cover. This book covers situational questions and how to answer them to re-enforce positive information about your skills and experience.
  7. Even if you are asked obscure and out of the blue questions that may not in the book, the practice obtained going through the book, will be of great help in answering those odd questions.
  8. If you have never been a project manager and would want to just be given the opportunity, this book will show how to appear as having the needed experience. (And the theory section will teach what you need to know, once you get the job)
  9. Technical positions are being outsourced but project management positions are not. You may need to move to project management just to keep your job.
  10. You can use the Best Practices section to answer Project Management theory questions and is a great guide once you get the job!
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New 2012 Expanded Edition!

Includes: The role of the project manager * How to write an outstanding resume for project managers *  Behavioral interview questions * Project management questions and answers * Information technology project management questions and answers * Microsoft Project questions and answers * Easy to read guide to the PMBOK

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